Grow with the help of mentors

This post will help you reach out to potential mentors.

As we move ahead with our PLG motion with Comtura, my company, I need to fill in gaps in my analytics and management knowledge. Mentors have helped me immensely in continuing to learn and improve.

There are 2 resources I would really recommend for reaching out to mentors who can help in a wide range of topics:

  1. Mentoring Club
  2. Mentor subreddit

The Mentoring Club is a great community of mentors volunteering their time to coach and mentor people. Product and data experts from there have helped me sanity check ideas and fill in gaps.

At first it’s good to start with a short intro message which you can send on calendly if they are available there otherwise just connecting with people on linkedin and messaging them can work.

For the intro I recommend:

  1. Objective
  2. Intro
  3. Next step


I came across your profile on mentor club and would love to learn more about how to effectively apply A/B testing from you.


Bit of background about me: I cofounded Comtura to breakdown sales data silos and help people sell better conencting transcriptions to the CRM. I am in charge of all things data and machine learning at Comtura, I have 5 years experience in NLP.


If you had any time next week to chat that would be much appreciated.

The great thing about mentor’s club is you get to see people’s expertise and interests right away so you can find great matches fast.

The Mentor subreddit is another useful resource, for the last 6 month an ex-Blak Swan Data technical manager has been helping me understand where are my management gaps from there. Though the quality is a lot more hit and miss.

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