What I learned starting Comtura

Over the last 2 years, I had the pleasure to work with Hector, Santi, and other awesome colleagues on Comtura, automating CRM data entry based on call transcripts.

My biggest learnings where: Networking and good story are essential to raise investment As a cofounder you need to learn to sell your product Painkiller > vitamin in a down market Cold calling is terrifying and fun First time founders focus on tech second time founders focus on lead gen

I am really thankful for all the sales knowledge I learnt from Hector. He taught me prospecting, cold calling, and pitching the product. With his help I learnt to listen to prospects, reframe narratives, and take rejections much better. His optimism and persistence, always looking for new opportunities, was amazing.

Cold calling in a remote environment alone is soul crushing. It is a terrifying experience and it also opens so many doors in being able to just talk with people. Being different from the other callers helps. As a cofounder with a machine learning background, prospects were curious to talk. I was surprised how much I learnt from picking up the phone.

When you cold call it’s important to call the right person. Initially our prospects were sourced from a data provider, often the data was stale or incorrect. Later custom, verified prospects were a huge improvement. Experimenting with different ways of getting custom, verified prospects is essential.

If you want to start a business: think about how you will reach your prospects and pick up the phone!

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