What got me into machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

It all started with the question: how can computers understand human language?

Philip K. Dick’s book Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep? and the anime Ghost in the Shell got me wondering about digital consciousness. Digital consciousness needs language to communicate with people. Understanding and applying natural language understanding over the years has been very exciting gateway to see how much more information software can extract from natural language. Communication is farther but a couple leaps in NLP and it will be a lot harder to tell apart organic from software based entities.

In practice, I have applied this work mainly to systems to process different types of documents in different ways after extracting relevant information. I am thankful that I can work in such an ever-changing environment.

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What got you into machine learning? What are you trying to achieve with it? Would you be interested in learning more about how do computers understand language? Leave a comment with your thoughts on HN

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