Setup guide for Practical Deep Learning for Coders -- Nürnberg

The course will be delivered using fastai’s Practical deep learning for coders jupyter notebooks and book.

To access the jupyter notebook we will use Paperspace Gradient. We also will do some parts of the course on your own laptop. (If you don’t have a Paperspace account yet, sign up with this link to get $10 credit – and I get a credit too.)

Video of setting up your Gradio course environment with fastai

During the lessons we will work through different jupyter notebooks. The notebooks are an interactive coding environment that allow you to tweak and apply what you are learning.

To make the most of this course it’s very important to tweak the notebooks and constantly apply the knowledge you have gained.

For community feedback and support fastai has a course forum where you can search for your questions and if you can’t find them ask for community help.

Don’t worry if this is overwhelming, during the first lesson we will go into more details about the course structure, outcomes, and jupyter environment.

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