What's Product Led Growth (PLG)?

What’s Product Led Growth (PLG)?

audience + scalable self checkout process = scalable profit

Build an audience and monetize it with scalable processes for scalable profit.

I think the hardest part of this is executing on both building your organic audience and building scalable process. This is where product comes in to help you: focus on the value created and problems solved for the users.

Putting the users in the centre with a product narrative is nice in PLG. I think it’s also interesting as it expands product thinking to go wider entailing marketing and sales processes as well continuing to expand the boundaries from core features to the whole user lifecycle.

So when building a PLG I would focus on:

  1. grow an audience
  2. build revenue focused scalable processes
  3. relentlessly focus on value provided

For 3. always communicate the value provided both internally and externally. Builders love to hear the value they create.

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