What does remote work mean to me?

Hanging out in Madrid

Last week Santi and I spent 5 days in Madrid to finally meet Eduardo, a wonderful software engineer from Venezuela. My favourite part of the trip was trying arepa, a corn pancake stuffed with shredded cheese, fried plantains, black beans and braised beef. All the stories about what arepas meant to Eduardo made them taste better. Sharing food, stories, and different perspectives enriches our work together. I am thankful for being able to work remotely together with wonderful people like Eduardo.


Working in an extremely diverse environment with nine nationalities brings many different perspectives to the table. Our mission unites these perspectives. Comtura’s mission is to make sales more effective by data driven processes. Selling is hard, capturing key information from calls is hard, keeping track of everything you need to do to make the deal come together is hard. Doing all of this at the same time is extremely hard. We hook into call transcripts from Zoom or Gong and allow you to push what your prospect said into your CRM. We summarise next steps and actions from calls so you have a starting point around what needs to be done. We help you throughout your sales journey.

To execute on this mission we use async tools like Slack, Github, Notion. Working asynchronously lets the builders build. The hardest thing about async work is not seeing the people you work with every day. We tackle working alone digitally and in meat space. We run regular coffee chats for the watercooler conversations. Periodic onsites get the whole company together so we can plan our execution and get to know each other better.

You need to spend time together to build trust and culture. Hector and Santi, my business husbands, have even met my parents in Budapest. I spend about as much time with them as my wife. Working on a remote startup has brought some amazing people and experiences into my life. I am thankful for everyone at Comtura, remote work is not black and white, but it is fun with you all!

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