Manager Tools -- The Art of Delegation

Manager Tools – The Art of Delegation

I am working on becoming a better cofounder at Comtura. Studying Manager Tools, a management podcast, has given me better tools to succeed as a manager. I will share my interpretation and learnings of my fav episodes.

I work on most weekends but the number of focused hours are limited in a week. Yet at a startup priorities shift constantly and new challenges need to be tackled. When new challenges arise there are 3+1 solutions:

  1. Say no
  2. Reprioritise my responsibilities
  3. Delegate

+1 Hire to solve problem

– Say no –

I don’t like saying no and blocking a problem. Coming from a technical background requests can be extremely difficult or technically impossible in these cases I think managing expectations and giving alternative options is a key. I would also rather put less impactful ideas on the backlog then just rejecting them. I prefer if Santi and Hector, my cofounders, can trust me with solutions to challenges rather than rejecting ideas.

– Reprioritise my responsibilities –

In general there’s not a huge leeway to reprioritise my tasks.

– Delegate –

You need to delegate down as far as you can in your org chain. For example there’s a new data creation process I would like to delegate to Gregory, my data analyst. This new data creation process will be top priority for our next 2 weeks but it can be an ongoing challenge for Gregory. So to make this process delegable I am going to get Gregory to define the process and afterwards I am going to trial working with internal consultants to see if they can help me with this. In this example I am moving the responsibility into a process that can be done by an internal consultant from Gregory so he can focus on higher impact work. I can’t delegate something that I don’t know how to do or what success looks like. So defining process and success is key here.

– +1 Hire to solve problem –

In general hiring is a last resort as it’s expensive and difficult to scale.

It’s hard for me to balance delegation and individual contributions at our current stage I need to make large contributions but I also need to manage my team. I think the best way to think more about delegation is to think on a team or company level rather than individual level. So the daily question becomes: What can Comtura do to succeed? What can my team do to succeed? – rather than – What can I do to succeed?

If you work in sales try out Comtura to weaponise your customer’s voice. Capture what your prospect said in Zoom, MS Teams, or Gong and push it Salesforce or Hubspot.

Many thanks to Manager Tools for making an awesome podcast available for free! Here’s a link to the 1st Art of Delegation episode.

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